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To study Zen is to study ourselves.
To learn ourselves is to forget ourselves.
To forget ourselves is to be enlightened by the ten thousand Dharmas.

Eihei Dogen Zenji, 1233

On this website, I will focus on the study of the “self” from the point of view of Zen Buddhism, as I have learned it from my teachers since 1989 and tested it over the last 30 years.

The goal of the study is the enlightened life: To reduce suffering and to act in a beneficial manner appropriate to the respective situation. It is about creating joy and space in a challenging world for us and the beings around us – and appreciating our lives.

Since we all have a “self” that can be explored and studied, every reader has the prerequisites to understand Zen Buddhism. This website aims to awaken and deepen this understanding.

I am particularly interested in two areas of Zen studies:

1. The Meditation, which gives power;
2. The Insight, that allows us to transform the power of meditation into action .
Neither an eagle nor an insect can fly with only one wing: Meditation and enlightenment are the two wings we need to translate the power of Zen into healing action.

I promise to articulate clearly and precisely at all times. No boredom shall come up and I will not waste the time of the reader.

The Blog-contents are not subject to copyright and can be used freely.

...Christian Jikishin von Wolkahof

The Silence...
No Hindrance...

"Even a sneeze...", Master Dogen said in 1234, "is a Dharma and the perfect realization of the enlightenment of Buddha".

...sitting Zazen..
...offer comfort...
...having fun,
"Food and drinks

...keep body and soul together," said my biological grandfather. My Dharma grandfather Taizan Maezumi Roshi said, "Appreciate your life!" This is how we want to celebrate our lives!


...let us tear down walls, turn every stone and live the enlightened life!

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My name is Christian von Wolkahof; my Buddhist name is Jikishin. I am the father of three sons, architect and ordained Zen monk, Zenteacher and Lineageholder (Sensei) of the Japanese Soto School in the White Plum Lineage of Hakuju Taizan Maezumi, Roshi and Dennis Genpo Merzel, Roshi. I have been a student of Genpo Roshi since 1989. As co-founder of Kanzeon Sangha Deutschland e.V. and Kanzeon Zen-Zentrum Düsseldorf, I managed the center together with my then wife Marci Forand until the end of 2007.

Since early 2008, we lived with our children Carl and Toni for five years in the “Kanzeon Zen Center International” (Temple Hosshinji) in Salt Lake City, USA. Under the direction of Abbot Genpo Merzel Roshi, we were responsible for the training of the monks, nuns and lay people living there.

I have a special interest in translating the old – partly monastic – principles of Zen into modern language, western lifestyle and northern climate.

I am living as public employee, family man and Zen-Teacher in Düsseldorf. Drawing on the experience of my monastic training, I want to combine Zen Buddhist principles and daily life into a vivid and meaningful practice.

...my services

When I started zazen (sitting meditation) in 1988, it was not easy to find companions on this sometimes rocky, sometimes hazy path – let alone a Zen teacher as a mountain guide. Nowadays I am a mountain guide myself and offer you short and long trips through the area:

  • Personal consultation (once or twice)
  • Personal guidance (long-term)
  • Talks and workshops
  • Zazenkai (single Days of Zen)
  • Sesshin / Retreat (2 – 5 days)
  • Rituals and Ceremonies of the White Plum Lineage of the Soto Zen School

...my events

I will be teaching regularly, twice a month at the Kanzeon Zen Center Düsseldorf. The Center is open all year round on Sunday and Wednesday for Zen-Meditation.

Several times a year I will lead retreats at the Center for Awareness and Compassion in Görlitz; the next time is planned for fall 2020.

Upcoming events at the Kanzeon Zen Center Düsseldorf. Due to the covid-19 restrictions these events take place online:

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Other upcoming events (if necessary these events take place online):

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If you have any questions, please contact me.
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On this website, I use the term “meditation” as a name for comfortable and relaxed sitting in any posture – and without any goal.
Meditation (or also: right concentration or contemplation) is the eighth part of the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha.
Meditation in Zen is called “sitting” or “zazen”.

More about Zazen here > (The Link opens a new browser window)

I use the word “insight” on this site as the name for the technical terms “Kensho”, “Satori” and “Dai Kensho” – commonly also called enlightenment. Insight (or “right view” or “right understanding”) is the first part of the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha.

Wikipedia: Right Insight (sammā diṭṭhi) is the insight into the Four Noble Truths of Suffering, the Origin of Suffering, Extinction and the Eightfold Noble Path leading to Extinction (D 22). In a broader sense, right insight includes the insight into further main Buddhist teachings.
The purpose of right view is to clear one’s path from confusion, misunderstanding, and deluded thinking.
It is a means to gain right understanding of reality.
Right view might be called “non-view”: as the enlightened become aware that nothing can be expressed in fixed conceptual terms and rigid, dogmatic clinging to concepts is discarded.

Read more here > (The link opens a new browser window)

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