Appreciate Your Life…

Appreciate Your Life…

The Venerable Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi, a seminal influence on the growth of Zen Buddhism in the United States, was ordained as a Soto Zen monk at the age of eleven. He received degrees in Oriental Literature and Philosophy from Komazawa University and studied at Sojiji, one of the two main Soto monasteries in Japan. He received Dharma transmission from Hakujun Kuroda Roshi, in 1955. He also received approval as a teacher (Inka ) from both Koryu Osaka Roshi, and Hakuun Yasutani Roshi.

In 1956, Maezumi Roshi came to Los Angeles as a priest at Zenshuji Temple, the Soto Headquarters of the United States. He devoted his life to laying a firm foundation for the growth of Zen Buddhism in the West. In1967, he established the Zen Center of Los Angeles.

Maezumi Roshi, one of the leading protagonists of Zen in the West, is the “grandfather” of our Zen line in Germany. This film honors his memory in the environment of his family, students and successors.


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